Spain school

IES María Soliño, Cangas SPAGNA

Proposal of a didactic unit integrated with tasks and exercises for students of secondary education of the audiovisual culture subject in 1st year of arts bachelors from the IES María Soliño de Cangas.

We apply PBL project-based learning and develop a prototype school cooperative. From our high school we cooperate with an occupational center in our town and organize a Solidarity Festival for June 2018.
This is an audiovisual literacy project in high school education. We use our resources cinedumotion, stop motion now, several classroom blogs and didactic units The Fabulous world of images. We continue as in our animation projects to the reading with activities, tasks and exercises during a temporalization of 21 sessions in class time for the didactic unit in solidarity with the refugees.
The objectives are audiovisual literacy and social integration, from the curriculum of the audiovisual culture subject, project-based learning, the sense of entrepreneurship, animation to reading, integration and education in values. This experience has facilitated the study of digital narratives from collaborative work and project-based learning through the use of empathizing and participation technologies.
We have previous experiences that we have used in this new project to raise awareness and highlight this problem of humanitarian order.