L’odissea dei migranti

LSC G.Peano S. Pellico Cuneo

THE MIGRANTS’ ODYSSEY: from Desperation to Welcome in the Greater European Home

In order to know at first hand about the problems regarding the new waves of migration across the Mediterranean Sea, we students from Class 4 Gamma in the Silvio Pellico High School in Cuneo decided to interview some asylum-seeking girls staying in the Momo Cooperative in Confreria, near Cuneo.

This cooperative was born in 2002 and offers social and educational services. In 2014 it started its service for asylum-seekers and refugees with “2 CASS”, a special temporary reception.

Fabrizio and Eleonora, in charge of this centre, told us that this social emergency led them to widen their horizons and to look at what is happening in the world. Therefore, with a Prefecture-organised initiative they started to welcome asylum-seeking women. This number increased rapidly and they decided to make three flats available to other women.

They explained that as of today the number of migrants is so high that the extraordinary reception has become ordinary reception and the SPRAR (ordinary reception systems) are no longer sufficient. Indeed, since 2001 arrivals via sea or land borders have made it impossible for the Home Office to welcome all migrants via the SPRAR. Thanks to Prefecture intervention, it has been possible to open these extraordinary reception centres.

We had to interview the girls in English and French. Only in a few cases was it possible to interview them in Italian which made us all the more aware of the need to study languages in a multiethnic society.

What struck us, and what we discussed in class too, was the strong hope for a better future in the fabled Europe as a guiding force in their sometimes desperate lives, full of pain and also sadness for loved ones lost or left behind.