Greek students collecting media points of view

Acceptance for me is that every person has the ability and will to accept situations and people in their lives, without restrictions. My country welcomes on its territory almost every day a significant number of refugees. People, according to my opinion, are not so welcoming towards them. I believe that a big percentage of Greek people view in a racist fashion all these people, who have abandoned their country, their motherland, their home in order to offer a better future to their children. However, there are definitely people who are understanding  towards refugees’ pain. The best thing that Greece could offer for these people would be to welcome them but also for every Greek person to have in mind that maybe they could be in their position.

When I interviewed them they told us that their country was in a very bad condition. Most of the houses have been destroyed by bombs and that many people die in front of them them. So, they find themselves very lucky to have fled that horrific situation.

They got away from their houses and their families with the hope of finding a peaceful place  where they are not in danger . Also they told us that do not have any weapons so they can’t defend themselves and do not have any other better choice than leave.

All of them want to travel and find a job in Europe , they want to leave from Greece , but most of them cannot. Many of them have access to a hotspot , some beg on the streets meanwhile more and more come by boat from Turkey to Mytilini and other islands.

Celebrity photo collected by Greek students




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