France school

LYcée Léonard de Vinci, Levallois-Perret-France

“A Migrant, A Story” is a multimedia work that helped us getting to better know the migrants coming from Africa or the Middle East we hear so much about in the media and that we encounter daily in the Paris region, where they often provoke fear, rejection or indifference. We believe that learning about their story is the best way to overcome these feelings. We tried to understand what reasons pushed migrants to endeavour dangerous trips during which so many lost their lives.
French delegation at the UNHCR Lab
They did not take lightly the decision to leave their home country; they were often compelled by misery, war, persecution. They were ready to risk everything to reach Europe. Showing the risks they took (risks of the travel but also risks linked to smugglers) is one of our purposes. Finally, we want to break down the stereotypes that Europeans may hold about migrants. It is sometimes easy to dehumanize them. When we learn about the unique story of each migrant, we are reminded that they deserve a decent life just like us.
To these ends, we created a composite website with distinct sections. The “resources” section is for our documentation about migrants and refugees with photos, quotations and links from the press or other websites that could help to better understand them and have an idea of what they were going through. The “interview” section gathers videos of interviews we made in Casablanca, Morocco where refugees and migrants often hope to reach Europe. We asked our own questions about their paths, plans and dreams.
Finally, we wanted to share different interpretations of what we had learned through our work and the interviews, therefore the “artwork” section present drawings and short stories underlining the contrasts between what the migrants lived through and their new life in France.